Made for frivolities?

An old-fashioned, narrow-minded, fossilized person

Growth in grace

Do you remember little Elizabeth?

Walking pictures of Christ!

A cold chill fell upon their hearts!

We must either leap over them, or tread upon them!

A cheap, easy Christianity!

We might as well sing Mother Goose rhymes!

I am going to vomit you out of My mouth!

Cold-hearted, half-devoted, earthly-minded

Those ghastly corpses might well have affrighted Rizpah!

Is Jesus like anybody I know?

Our own health, wealth, and gratification!

Christ's sword!

The cause of all the formality, apathy, and lukewarmness in the church!

The devil's tennis-ball

Rich in spiritual experiences

All of life's aiming and striving

Sad blots!

Half-hearted Christianity

Until His image burns itself upon the soul

The Christian's choice

Belzoni's toad

Toys! Sports and games for children

We do not live the lives of Christians!

We need to re-study our Bibles

All through the journey of life!

An ox stands between an altar and a plough

Not what we HAVE or what we KNOW, but what we ARE!

A picture of what every Christian life should be!

Do not be over-righteous!

Death will soon lay his long icy fingers upon me!

One cannot have an omelet — without breaking eggs!

We have not piety enough

The wilderness wanderer

From head to toe

Happiness hunters!

The horticulture of the heart!

Go, take your fill!

The causes of the stupid unconcernedness

Vegetating in selfishness?

That I may WIN Christ!

Teach me

Holiness is happiness!

Nevertheless, I want Your will to be done, not mine!

A very great attainment!

The rat gets into his belly and eats his entrails

He asks for every niche and cranny of my soul!

There is another road to Hell quite as sure!

Your life preaches all the week!

They are ready to knock him on the head!

Must we have our bracelets and diamonds?

Our weakness

Living expositions of the truth!

The worthless sinner's place!

Chicken — or eagle?

Essential to eminent usefulness

The Lord has two heavens

A precious commodity in hell

A sort of second edition of the written Scriptures

A New Year's Resolution

Continually dropping into eternal burnings!

Your good things are all yet to come!

To be a Christian

A kind of omnipotence in it!

I solemnly warn you!

A louder witness

Up and at it!

We might blush!

Observe the holy virtues

Well, trifle a little longer!

When others were at their amusements

Pambus wept when he saw a harlot

That which is highly esteemed among men

Doctrines that relate to common life

If anything can render us happy, this should!

Oh, let us beg for grace to lie as clay in the hands of Infinite Wisdom

There is the image of Christ!

Sleepy saints!


Living stones!

Our everlasting All!

There is no one on earth like him!

He cannot forget

We live by faith

You are not your own

Two pennies

Ah, life is too solemn, too momentous, too earnest!

Do any startle at this plain assertion?

The tinseled Christian

He may lose all that the world calls great and good

Four great concerns....

Sleeping sickness


Is it winter with your soul?

The garden of the soul

No one gets the crown — without the conflict!

A new edition of the life of Jesus Christ

The knife!

It is high time to awake out of sleep!

John Wesley's rule for Christian living


A soporific influence?

Sign here!

Pictures of Christ?


True Christian discipleship

Do something!

The solution of your difficulty!

Like swine in their stye!

Dwarf or Giant?

Why should you remain in the hog pens?

Peculiar People

True Christianity is a fight!

If we were what we profess to be!

The cross must be carried!

The happiness of the believer

Ornamental Christians

The grand duty of the believer

Live in the light of the next world

I live now more as a little helpless infant

Christians are Christlike!

House or horse?


Indifference, worldly mindedness, formality, and hypocrisy

The seed, the source, the essence of unhappiness

Oh, what precious fruit!

The Road to Reality

Oh, beware of a blank life!


The most holy and blessed life upon earth!

I am not my own

No sacrifice at all...

Microscopic holiness

Pursuits and aims...

Aspire to a higher, a nobler, a fuller life!

Be like Christ at all times

The power of true religion!


Self-denial and consecration

The Christian life

Our best striving

Prove it!

And what do many do?

The best preacher of the gospel


Better that the dogs should eat my worthless carrion!

A little more comfort, luxury, or elegance


The main end of a Christian man

Little faith

Philippians 3:7

All glittering glow-worm glories


He is no fool...

Little progress?

The Christian's motto...

Judging Christ!

The great master principle!

Walking with God...

Get hold of God's treasure!

Preach with your feet!

An easy, self-indulgent life

Rend your heart!

Seek! Strive!

You owe all to Christ



A superior race?

Real Redemption Demands Real Holiness!

Hard lessons to learn!

Like water to the flame of joy

Full Surrender


God forbid!

If I profess with the loudest voice


Give Him your whole self!

In hell with Christ

A gross contradiction!

Full surrender...

Be what you profess!


The highest, choicest, safest, and sweetest life...

What Have I Done?

Dare to be singular!

Little Christians?

Be real!

High-flying professors!

I surrender all


The master passion

Everything you have and are!

Wholly His

More consecration!

The highest stage

The soul's hardest lesson

Springtime in the soul!

Oh, that I might live to see that day!


What have you done for Christ?

The dearest idol

1,000 lives!


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