Side by side they lie in the dust, and worms cover them both!

Ever gliding down the stream of time into the ocean of eternity!

He preached his own funeral sermon!

What a superlatively grand and consoling idea!

George is dead!

A grey head, and a carnal worldly heart

Prepare to meet the monster!

Susannah Spurgeon, "A Song of Sighs"

He who trifles with it is a fool!

There lies his mortal body, moldering into dust—and feeding the worms!

To the dust you will return!

Soon I must go down that road from which I will never return!

The bishop and the knight tumble into the box with the pawns — and the king and the queen fare no better!

Nine evils which death will put an end to

The great Arbiter of life and death!

Flying through the air with an angel-escort!

The funeral

The nest was destroyed, and the poor bird lay bleeding and exposed!

His uplifted dart is inexorable!

Many times Jesus and His people pull against one another in prayer

Could you be so selfish — and so cruel?

View well the monster in true light!

That last river which we all must pass over!

It must be consigned to the dust from whence it came!

Zeuxis died laughing at the picture of an old woman

The vilest reptile and the proudest prince

Where are you going?

The messenger of Christ to fetch us home to Himself!

I am in eternity—and you are on the brink!

I am dying!

He never thought that he would sink into Hell!

When we gaze upon the lifeless corpse

An outlet and an inlet

There is no discharge in that war!

The happiest moment of his life!

In the midst of all the wild scene—Stephen fell asleep!

When the cold winds are whistling over your grave

Both are buried in the same dust — both eaten by the same maggots!

The moment after death!

And there reader, you are going!

The thread of life is held by the divine hand alone!

God has three axes!

The human idol is removed!

The house appointed for all living

The Lord's gentle usher

Though we mourn—we must not murmur

Prayer for a time of bereavement

In my cage

In a few days — I may be in Hell!

That ruthless invader of all happiness

Where am I bound for? For heaven—or for hell?

I kill

The Great Monster!

His icy hand

An undressing from his sins and infirmities

The shining heap

Surely, we would not wish them back again!

Devour me, devour me!

The funeral of all your sorrows!

Look upon death

The dirty lane

Crawling along the road of life

Letter to a stricken soul

My pleasant infant

These venomous creatures!

Gone so soon without a trace!

Death is a change of place

Death is a change of employment

If death gives them a jog

It will matter little when I lie in my coffin!

You are the one who has done this!

A great change

Meditate upon DEATH!

These vile bodies of ours!

After you are dead?

Love photographs them in the heart!

Your dying day

A few feet of earth will suffice

Death will be gain indeed!

Like a passing scene in a drama!

A worm, a gnat, a fly, a hair, a
seed of a raison, a skin of a grape

A race to the sepulcher!

The great robber of our loves and joys

We sicken, and die, and moulder away in the grave

You will die this year!

Death brings the soul to a state of eternal rest!

Death is a change of company

They only think of amusements and entertainments

Death puts an end to all changes

The mad desire of plenty and pleasure

Why am I so averse to die?

This tyrant wields a universal sway!


We shall wither, fade, and die!

A hideous skeleton, a collection of bones, a heap of dust!

The contracting walls!

Beyond this, I have no great desire to live

The base cares & the petty enjoyments of the present world

We are no longer young

Dear wife, farewell!

You are the one who has done this!

The time has come for my departure!

The death of your godly daughter

My little daughter Ann was in good health on Monday — and on Thursday she was a corpse!

The key of death!

Death cannot hurt you!

Reader, turn aside and see this great sight!

He then sank back, like his son, smiled, and expired!

The gate of death, and the gate of glory, are one!

The death of His saints!

All our care, forethought, and caution

When you come to creep into your hole

The death of my dear wife

What would we think?

It shall be well with him!

A welcome guest!

Honor, wealth, and pleasure lose their charms

The stage

The Christian and Death!

The design of the divine Artist

In a few years?

How frail the thread!

Fear living!

Death to the Christian

How many more years will I live?

This dark valley of corruption, earth, and worms!

Death to the Christian!



Never fear dying, beloved.

How glorious to die!

A 'death' parable!

We must ALL appear!

Gods appointments!


What will you do now?

You are on the road to eternity!

Riches! Beauty! Pleasure! Genius! Fame!

Your beauty, strength, and fine attire

A feast for the worms!

The grass will be growing over our graves!

The death of our dear friend Elmore

A vast hospital of anguish

One hour after death!

This year I may be in heaven!

The things the pagans are always concerned about

Neither youth, nor wit, nor beauty, nor strength, nor money

The old grave stone...

Are You Prepared to Die?

The Creator of all worlds in tears!

Life and death...


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