The HOLY SPIRIT and the believer

The work of the Holy Spirit

We soon grow dull, cold, lifeless, and inactive!

The Holy Spirit

The panacea for all the ills of life!

His teaching makes practical Christians!

The fruits and effects He produces

No oil!

Have you received the Holy Spirit?

When His influence is put forth within us

He has a healing balm for all

The only effectual reformer of the world!

Spit out the sweet morsels of sin

The Christian's interpreter

The living guide to Jesus

The sanctification of the Spirit

One truth, brought home to the soul by the Holy Spirit

Spiritual conviction

The Holy Spirit

What does our church need?

The road by which the Spirit leads God's children!

They have all learned in one school

Fresh communications

The divine Illuminator

The Spirit's work in salvation

He puts us in our right place!

That Heavenly Teacher

The transforming power of the Spirit!

The decipherer...

The fruits and effects He produces

The workings of grace in the heart

A hand, a divine and omnipotent hand!

The religion which I want

His secret power and influence

Active, operating, influential principles of the life!

Wrought with divine power

Are you as a bruised flower?

Fresh communications

Spirit-taught, Spirit-led, Spirit-fed

Heavenly wisdom

The continued teachings of the Spirit

This Precious Anointing!

Blow upon my garden

The way in which the Spirit of God works

How precious!

Through the inward conflicts, secret workings

Expulsive power!

When the Holy Spirit preaches the gospel

It is only by the Spirit's teaching

The Holy Spirit the Comforter--but Jesus is the Comfort!

Supernatural light

Please quit acting spiritual!

Gracious God, anoint me with fresh oil!

The Spirit

Move, I beg You, upon my disordered heart

Filled with the Holy Spirit?

The deep things of God

Revelations and vain imaginings?

Dull, heavy, lumpy, all but dead?

The Holy Spirit!

The sacred anointing

Can these dry bones live?

It is not better preaching!

The Superlative Excellence of the Holy Spirit

Salvation by Grace!

A lost, miserable and hateful sinner!


The Wisdom of the Holy Spirit

Without the Spirit...

A little secret...

The church's greatest need!


Heart affecting views

The "illuminated" Bible?

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