Such poor, depraved, insignificant creatures!

Who could have thought!

An ocean of consolation!

That unclean donkey is yourself!

My Shepherd

An infallible test!

And WHY, dear Savior — tell me why?

O how strange — that God should love a worm, a dung-hill worm!



The infinite ocean of Christ's love

Who is this amazing spectacle of woe and torture?

An infinite love!

The cup of wrath!

Would you see what sin is?

He was infinitely happy and glorious without us!

Looking at the world through the cross

Is it possible?

O sad spectacle of misery, grief, and woe!

Everyone had a home — but Him!

Your salvation makes amends for all His sufferings!

Can Jesus delight in such worms?

Tender kisses!

It was not human misery — but divine love!

Nothing less than a LIVING Christ will do for us!

For you, a vile sinner, a rebel worm

The sword of His pure, infinite, and incensed wrath!

He drank it up — every drop

Not a loving worm, not a living worm!

Behold the Emperor of Woe!

Evil chapters in your 'life story'

Calvary's stupendous scene!

For His poor Rachel

If our faith stops at the cross

Such a friend

Love bound Him to the cross and held Him there!

A family of such vile, polluted, and wretched beings!

Christ took your cup!

Yes, indeed, this is the wonder of wonders, the miracle of miracles!

The soul of His sufferings

The Divine Philanthropist

She is ugly!

Our Maker becomes our Husband!

Make us 'clods of earth' into 'stars of glory'

It was the golden link of love!

And to what is this astonishing change to be ascribed?

My Ishi!

Man sins — and God dies!

The kingship of Christ

Jesus came leaping!

Galatians 1:4

O what a melting consideration is this!

The more vile Christ made Himself for us

These scars!

WHY does He love me?

And there He hung!

The infinite tenderness of Jesus!

The song of the Lamb!


The scars of the saints

Christ is our pelican!

Christ is our Jonah!

Can this be — for such a vile wretch like me?

The sacrifice of Himself!


Humbling, cheering, sanctifying, restraining

O Divine Lover!

Love suffering, and bleeding, and expiring!

He gave so much that He could give no more

The sacrifice of Himself!

A bottomless, boundless, endless ocean!

A sea of blood, wrath, sin, sorrow, misery

He is my Beloved, my Shepherd, my Savior and my Husband!

My cruel sins!

Surely there could be no truer picture taken of Jesus!

So mighty — yet so loving!

What a delightful and astonishing thought it is!

He determined to go to Jerusalem!

It is utterly impossible

If you meet that poor wretch who thrust his spear into My side!

O the love of His royal heart!

He loved them to the uttermost!

He groaned, bled, and died for you!

Nothing but this can really break the sinner's heart!

How dear we are to Christ!

Oh the immensity of the gift!

I need just such a friend

A friend whose door is always open!

What a mine of daily comfort!

Time for taunt, and insult, and cruelty!

Eternal abhorrence — infinite love

Does God really care for us?

Surely there was no more royal moment in all of Christ's life!

The endless, blissful theme!

Oh stand and wonder!

He leaps into a sea of wrath!

From those deep wounds!

We have actually outsinned thousands

Wonderful mystery!

When Christ finds the wandering sinner

Our sins forged the nails!

You are precious in My sight!

If our hearts are not rocks

This I cannot understand

Oh! what a sweet friend!

My jewels!

This cross is heavy to bear

Just give me Jesus!

For you

All for you!

The full ocean of never-failing delight and satisfaction!

Immortal scars

The Bridegroom's love

The perfect husband

All to save you from wrath to come!

The precious Sufferer on that middle cross

The fullness of His grace

An almighty personal Friend

Feel My bleeding heart

To a vile Magdalene

The knife which killed her husband!

At the cross

Suffering, groaning, dying!

Yours! Mine!

A melting consideration

The outpouring of the everlasting wrath of God

Shall I not drink it?

The true spiritual Atlas

God's Jewels

Behold His precious Gift transfixed to it!

As white as the lily — and as red as the rose

So fathomless, boundless, and inexhaustible!

This heavenly magnet!

The astonishing, the marvelous love!

For me a worm!

It was not the nails!

I see a Cross on the Hill of Reproach!

Our best Friend

I am astonished

Sharper scourges tear His heart!

What sorrow, what sweetness, what glory!

Unfathomable! Unsearchable! Unmeasurable!

The wrath of God due to them fell upon Him!

My jewels!

Truly, there is no love like Christ's!

He sits on the calm throne of eternal serenity!

It was His own love that fastened Him there!

The place called Calvary!

Fall down in reverent astonishment

Pavilioned within His living, loving heart

The last dreg of wrath!

The more Christ has suffered for us!

That love will eternally embrace you!

The greatest liar, thief, adulterer and murderer

He had to borrow whatever He needed!

Degrees and varieties of grace

A horrible and shocking thing is done!

Because he loved her!

Remaining enmity, sin, and ungodliness

How astonishing the sight!

The most amazing, most affecting, most
melting sight that mortals ever witnessed!

You cannot weary nor wear Him out!

Unquenched, unquenchable!

The Good Shepherd

Walking dirt?

Your treasure!

Intense! Mysterious! Vicarious!

His own Father?

It is your Husband who hangs bleeding there!

Unequaled, unparalleled, and unsurpassed!

A particular, personal, special love!

Bought with a high price!

Oh stand and wonder!


Such love cannot be described!


Better than wine!

Christ's Love to Poor Sinners!

See that frightful looking gash!

He took us, and loved us, and married us!

The sympathetic love of the Incarnate God!

Nestle beneath His soft wing!

He could not love you more!

The flaming sword of justice quenched in the holy, loving bosom of Jesus!

Eternally repose your weary soul in the bosom of Jesus!

What a boundless, fathomless ocean!

The wedding feast!

The Almighty is a weak babe!

This hateful, hated idol!

The Preciousness of God's Children

O hard heart, O blind eyes, O poor dull sluggish soul!

Get this thought into your head!

The ocean of Divine love!

Oh, the height! Oh the depth!

They are the Lamb's wife!

Hoarded up for worms

The solitary object of His love!

How astonishing it is!

The unsearchable riches of Christ!

What could move His heart towards us?

The Voice....

See that cross!

The cup!

Though we have been robbers, traitors and murderers

God on a cross!

What a family has He to bear with!

What are those wounds?

The love God has for us!

My Beloved

The Good Shepherd

One tremendous draught of love!

Look! Look!


The Creator of all worlds in tears!

The Infinite becomes an infant!

Picture Him!

The infinite ocean of Christ's love!

He came!

That matchless death!

Love suffering, and bleeding, and expiring!

A special, personal, distinguishing love!

Consider what Christ is to you!

I saw One hanging on a tree!


An unfailing friend!

Not earthly gold, or pearls, or diamonds

What school shall I go to?

For you!

Mercy surpassing all wonders!

Happy here, and happy to all eternity!

In love

Your native air...

The Melody of the Cross!

God on a cross!

Jesus enriches His bride with gifts!

The price!

He became poor!

Oh, what a loving, gentle, skillful healer is Jesus!

One everlasting memorial of anguish and suffering

The Creator of the universe sleeps in a woman's arms!


What more could he offer?

There on the bloody tree!

We will wear crowns of life and glory!


Our world would have been one continuous Hell!

Can Christ love one like me?

God so loved the world

My jewels!

An actual, living, personal Friend

Drive the nail of the cross!

The Cross!

How much you have been loved

Do you see Him yonder?

That was more than His holy soul could bear!

He gave His entire self for us!

Mamma, kiss me!

I am a wayward foolish child

He lived poor and died poor

O man, plunge into this river!

The dying love of the Lamb!

A love surpassing thought!

Holy amazement at His unspeakable love!

Christian, shall I tell you a secret?

Things that even the angels desire to look into!

He justifies us — but we condemn Him!

Oh heart, heart, what are you?

Mighty love!

Perpetual love!

The love of Christ!

Jesus leaped into the sea!

Can you believe it?

Have we nothing to give to Christ?

For you!

A special, personal, distinguishing love!

The love of God to his people!

Murdered by human sin!

Put to death by His own creatures!

To love a worm!

When He discovers repulsive things in us

The gift!

He was crushed for our iniquities!

Objects of divine love!

The greatest expression of His inexpressible love!

The golden link of love?

Eternal love, infinite wisdom, boundless power!

Deluged with love!

Beloved by Jesus

He loves you with all His infinite heart!


The infinite love of Christ!

Filled with the red wine of righteous wrath!

Behold the incarnate God bowed in grief!

Christ made sin

This is my Friend!


Grasp the thought!

Everything to charm and rejoice and satisfy the heart!

That Mystery of Love!

A fiery furnace of love!

Loved before time!

What beauty have we that the King can desire?

Married to a jealous husband!

The never-failing friend!

I will love them FREELY

The amazing love of God!

A Compassionate High Priest and a Throne of Grace


Written in illegible letters

There is no friend like Christ!

The sweet school of love


It is astonishing

For Sinners Only!

What Omnipotence cannot do...

Bands of everlasting love!


All glory to the gospel of Free Grace!


God's strong love for his children


The consolations of Christ


Unsearchable riches!

A more vile and unlovely thing

The love of Christ which surpasses knowledge!

His pardoning love!


Eternal love!

It is finished!

From the fullness of His grace

God actually loves us!

Like a little child in the arms of eternal love

The sweetest music...

The typical goat?

Persevering love...

Cheerful, dutiful, and holy

Oh! what magnificence of love!

How He has loved you!

The axle!

Precious in His sight...

If you want to see what sin really is


Immutable love!

A real friend

Mystery of love!


How He has loved us?

MY sins!

Infinite, boundless, fathomless, endless love!

The pardoning mouth!

Yes, all for you!

If the secret must be told!

The Agony in Gethsemane

Open Sesame?


He drank it all up!


The universal solvent!


The Precious Blood of Christ!

A great hospital

The bosom of His eternal love


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