A lamb with a wolf's head!

You can never lose your mother!

The greatest absurdity and contradiction?

The golden key that fits all locks!

Those mistakes, blemishes and faults in others

John learned his lesson by lying on the bosom of Jesus!

The grace of forbearance

Countless little blemishes and flaws

Men may see something of God in me!

The way to be like Jesus

This is not an easy lesson to learn!

We are in debt to everybody!

The little kindnesses and self-denials of Christian living!

The beauties of social virtue

Life is too short; Love is too sacred

Is this your religion?

The gentleness of Jesus

Love flowing out in little gentlenesses

The 'picture' of the ideal Christian life!

Holy and humble Christian love

Some people use pepper instead

This is a golden rule indeed!

Imitate the loving Jesus!

If we are quick to perceive blemishes and faults in others

How shall we endure the things which hurt and wound us?

Not a mere Sunday affair

Smaller virtues and lesser vices

We begin to be like Christ

The divinest ministries

The grace of gentleness

One of the finest things in a complete Christian character

The law of Christian life

The secret of true happiness!

The Cynic!

From such love — may I ever be delivered!

Every man's shoes should be exactly of one size!

What is the secret, grandmamma?

Our words and deeds are irrevocable

This reprehensible laxity, is misnamed "love"

The guardian angels of our churches!

If I should meet a child who has lost his penny

What a happy world would this be!

Bitter spirited Christians?

Fuel for hell!

The quickest way to conquer an enemy

No better than a devil

Beware of the dog!

A beauteous grace!

How can I avoid the annoyances which continually harass me?

The influence of such a habitual encourager never can be measured!

A truly thoughtful person

Do not judge!

It is not sufficient to be sound in the faith!

Unconscious unpurposed influences

The flowers in the Lord's garden

Unsaintly saints

Put on a heart of compassion!

There is a wondrous charm in a gentle spirit

Sermons without words!

My poor child, you are so ugly that no one will ever love you!

A sort of a strange, indefinable something

A good many people have to die — to be appreciated

Fiendlike, beastlike, manlike, Godlike

Life is hard for most people

The blemishes and faults of others

Are we like Jesus — or not?


The best guide!

Pictures of Jesus

The flowers are growing to strew on their graves

A powerful, silent, personal influence

Our good works instantly lose all their value!

The noblest life

You shall love him!

Her goodness touches their vileness!

Seeing through love's eyes

Old heads on young shoulders

Our own imperfections unfit us for judging fairly

What the person IS, often mars the value of what he DOES!

The necessary fruits of our doctrines

The meek and gentle and passive virtues

Sympathy in one another's joys and sorrows

The lesson is a long one

These constant, inevitable, and lesser evils

A powerful and persuasive influence


The divine art of sympathy

A grace that all can understand

We would be growing into monsters of selfishness!

A great hospital

If all people were angelic

If we are quick to perceive blemishes and faults in others

How slowly we learn it!

The duty of every Christian

A system of religious pauperism

You may smite another — and never touch him!

True love!

You ought to wash one another's feet!

A cup of cold water!

Love's ministry

This was how he grew in spiritual strength and nobleness!


We shall leave this staff at heaven's door

Cultivate a gentle spirit...

Do we understand what love is?

If young people spend their money

Temporary insanity!

The pearl oyster!

Christian Comforter

Be gentle...



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