Satan's herd of swine!

Is this pleasing to God?


Our great lesson!

My ruling desire

The easiest cross for each one to bear!

True religion is intensely practical

The secret of being content!

When surrounded by an ungodly society!

The situation in which she died is instructive:

The art of living a Christian life

None of us would want to have our hearts photographed!

Work out your own salvation

The BOOK you are writing

Would Jesus do it?

We are all writing a book!

There are few things at which people enact greater farces!

The happy man

What would Jesus do?

What would Jesus do?

We might find it filled with sharp thorns under the flowers!

If a toad or a serpent was put in my food or in my bed!

They are the treasures which His great heart covets!

Do it!

The one true aim in living

Let nothing be wasted!

The subtle beginnings of self-indulgence!

The best preacher of the gospel

The whore of Babylon's golden goblet!

The Christian pilgrim

No Christian is where he ought to be spiritually

O that my ways were directed to keep Your statutes!

A sound creed is exceedingly valuable!

He had to 'learn the lesson' just as we do!

Refine it, and sweeten it, and sanctify it!

The best thing most of us can do in this world!

What can't be cured — should be endured!

What does it mean to follow Christ?

The desires of the righteous!

Strength equal to the day

True consecration

Untrained, unlopped, unpruned, uncultured!

The Christian's ambition!

Surely, the canary is wiser than the starling!

Do it as Jesus would do it!

The yoke of Christ

Will this please God?

Robbers of God!

My way — Your way

Faithfulness in littles

This lesson makes life easy and simple!


Paul desired to be exactly like Jesus!

The Christian's Walk

O think upon your dignity!

Living out the lessons in daily life!

What, then, did He mean?

Spiritual beauty

12 Time-wasting thieves!

Ten-pound Christians!

Some beloved idol

The very best place to get the transformed, transfigured life!

The human interpretation

Is Christ your Lord?

My dearest idol must be thrown down!

It is not easy for us to learn this lesson

Little need for amusement!

What are you doing with your time?

Endeavor to learn Paul's lesson

The making of Christian character

God's ideal for His children

He asks for absolute surrender!

We do not have to be crucified on pieces of wood!

Why is it?

Our conception of Christlikeness

Sound doctrine is useless!

Would such an inscription look well on some of our costly furniture?

The sweet and quiet influence of your life

Is Jesus like anybody we know?

Little slips!

The description of the godly man

The representative of Christ in this world

Complaining Christian

What is it for you to be a Christian?

The secrets of temporal felicity

We begin at the lowest grade

Walking with Jesus

You say you want to be like Christ

Yes, Lord!

A murmuring spirit

Following Jesus!

What can strangers and travelers expect?

Your many defects and corruptions

His life is the text book

Following Christ!

The mortifying of your darling sins

Ugly corners made beautiful

Nothing more

What it is to follow the Lamb?

In the presence of God

He will not do it!

A man's head on a beast's shoulders!

Expect others to be absolutely guided by our rules

A tree is recognized by its fruit!

The 'picture' of the ideal Christian life!

Our conception of Christian living

Our conception of Christian life

The worldling's ease — but the godly man's end

Ah, the sharpest thorns are unseen by mortal eyes!

Stop bringing meaningless offerings!

This is to follow the Lamb wherever He goes

We must not cut our lives in two!

You are trespassing on forbidden ground!

The sins of God's people!

If he is a liar, a talebearer, a railer, a flatterer or a jester

Technology Warning!

A believer's life's mission

The very hand of divine love!

The great object of our lives!

Look up!

Growth in grace

One mark of growth in grace

Another mark of growth in grace

Another mark of growth in grace

The best that most of us can do in this world

Happiness hunters

You are walking in the midst of snares and traps!

We may be doing Satan's work!

If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you

Manifest the life of Christ in our daily living

Life's highest and best lesson

You see the workings of gratitude even in your dog!

We must be wedded to the Leah of real holiness

Surely something must be amiss with the scales!

Walking pictures of Christ!

It will cost you something!

The rose taught me a lesson

The unconscious influences of our lives

We ought to hate it with a deadly hatred!

Eating to the Glory of God

Do men make their own gods?

Our lives should be New Testament pages that all can read!

A silent personal influence

Sleeping sickness

O friends! remember this once for all

The whole world was astonished and followed the beast!

We ought not to spend our life in picking up rubbish!

Keep your heart

Stay away from the church service!

There is but one standard of true Christian character

Some Delilah!

We do not have to be crucified on pieces of wood!

Many a blemish, many a defect, many an infirmity

This lesson makes life easy and simple!

I asked the Lord that I might grow

A secret of victorious living

The application may be made to all departments of life

Keep yourselves out of the filthy puddle of this world!

Our chief standard of holy living

One of the secrets of happy and beautiful life

The most effective eloquence!

Worship God in the shop or kitchen

A most valuable lesson for every Christian to learn

There must be no conditions in the following of Christ

The eye of God is ever upon us!

The world's standard of Christianity

The magical lantern blinding us with a splendid delusion!

Begin where you can!

The highest attainment in Christian life

Our thoughts build our character

The cross is not made of soft feathers

They were not carried on beds of ease to heaven!

The counsel of the wicked

Lord, teach me to number my days

The secret of being content!

Only a plain, common day

Defects and defilements

Holy war

It is not easy to be a man!

If I could but have my wish!

The object in putting these verses in the Bible

Our conception of Christian living

The lesson applies to other things besides bread!

They have God in their mouths!

How good I am! What fine things I have done!

We are to learn to live the things which are Christly!


There is no such a word in the 'dictionary of faith'

Nothing which is done for Christ is lost!

Much of our best work

Their religion was all a pious farce!

This inward conflict


I am still sadly deficient in practice!

A jewel more worth than a world!

This lesson makes life easy and simple!

We have to paint the pictures ourselves!

Filled with folly, vanity, and vexation!

A Christian's ways and words

What are you living for?

We may safely let our life write its own record

Let me try to draw a picture of Biblical holiness

Sermons without words

Eighty years of plain, simple, humble, Christlike goodness

How can we learn contentment?

The road to Heaven

To eat to the glory of God

A perfect pattern for us to follow

Your chief study

A flower which never grew in the world's garden!

Just one little day

We blunder and stumble in our holiest endeavors

Christ's garden

Growing worse and worse!

Murmuring, dissatisfaction, discontent

Walking with God

Spiritual beauty!

You say that you want to be like Christ

As we pass through its foul streets

A living, loving, personal Savior

Little single days

Going to hell in a more devout manner!

Beware of splitting upon this rock!

A threefold cord which cannot be broken!

The secret of our growth in grace

Trace the steps of His lovely feet


The grace of God!

A new year

What are you doing?

God does not simply remove our ugly character traits!

The happiest homes in the world

We shall be sure to find something to annoy us!

Fixing our eyes on Jesus!

Three Bad Companions!

These are to reappear in us!

What would Jesus do?

Must we long for the onions of Egypt?

The hidden life

A low state of piety

Adorn the gospel

It is easier to offer God a few easy activities

The stunted professor

If we would be like our Master

Constant multiplication of corrupted copies

An ice-house, instead of a hot house!

Follow the Lamb!

The curtain-sinner

The sin of wasting life!

Walking Bibles

Our birthdays!

They have many scars and spots

You should follow in His steps

His life is the textbook

An evil spirit for his playmate!

That dear, idolized creature

It mightily alters and changes a man!

The supreme thing in Christian life!

Lilies and roses — among the briars

Pilgrims and strangers on this earthly ball

An excellent way of commenting upon the Bible

Some means to fruitfulness

It is the student who must learn the lesson!

If a Christian could have his choice

Flowery talking — without strict walking

The value of time

The flesh

Grace alters a man's walk

A little, poor, helpless child

The Divine Chemistry

Our best striving

Marthas and Marys

We are not to forget the Giver — as we enjoy His gifts!

The purpose of God for our life on earth

The model and strength of his life

The motto of all His beautiful years

Have we not leaned upon a thousand things?

It is not the man who hides himself in a cave

It is a practical and perpetual sermon!

Our great concern

The beauty and glory of a Christian

Faith, in its practical exercise


When You shall enlarge my heart.

A race from earth to heaven!

The world's standard of Christianity!

As the tree falls — so must it lie

Splendid sins!

You would not suspect him to be a Christian

How will this look — when I am dying?

Each one had six wings!

Can he embrace the monster?

A striking peculiarity!

The daughter of faith

An amazing and humbling difference

The most treacherous enemy!

A consistent Christian!

A life of simple faith

Canaanitish idols and heathenish abominations

All glittering glow-worm glories

Don't you realize!

Instructions for daily conduct

The countless lowly ministries of the every-days

The hateful, the abhorred, the accursed sin, that caused it all.

Sanctification & Holiness

Keep watch over the door of my lips!

Only in the infant's class?

The little firefly

One simple test

The daily business of a Christian

Our desires and longings...

The lesson may be hard to many of us

Sin seen, hated, conquered, and forsaken!

Off with their heads!

Many dig their graves, with their teeth!


What a man IS

God crowns faithfulness


The flesh cries out

Smite this sin!

This perfect pattern

Infant Christians?

Live it out!

Christ or Moses?

The school of Christ!

Absolutely and without question

The lives of Christians!

The only thing that concerns us

What does the Lord require of you?

Growing in grace...

A self-pleasing, self-indulging, worldly-minded people

He will have the supreme affection of his people

An easy, self-indulgent life

Are you a Ciceronian?

Until we throw off this cumbrous clay!

When He withdraws His restraining hand!

I asked the Lord

'Tis a point...

The grand duty of the believer!


What does God require of His children?

I see what a viper it is!

The solution of your difficulty?

The mark of healthy spiritual life

My leanness, my leanness, woe unto me!

The soul cannot thrive

Reputation — or character?

The velvet paw of the tiger of sin!

Crucify King Self!


Accepted patterns of behavior prevalent in society and in the professing church


Dwarfish Christians?

Microscopic holiness?

Better go to heaven alone

Against the flow!


An avaricious disposition

Is that all we need to do?


Be holy in every aspect of your life

A most influential sermon!

The image and reflection of Christ!

The right way for a Christian to live

Make your lives clear!

Peculiar People

Called to a holy life...


The constant tenor and spirit of our lives

The main message

The old man is not sent to the hospital

Why do you not obey Him in all things?

Our daily employment of time

A very little sin?

Love & Obedience

Two precious jewels glittering side by side

The laws of Christ...

An utter and entire war of extermination!

Endeavor to be like him...

Little sins?

A boy growing up in a home of poverty

Depression removed...

Spiritual change

Indwelling sin

Those vipers die at the sight of Christ!

Believers err in many things

A bandit hiding in secret

Avenge his death!

Crimson hieroglyphics?

Lawful pursuits

Drive the nail of the cross!

Is the saint still a sinner?

Without holiness, no man shall see the Lord.

Live in sin as you like


Our good works...

Sin and the Christian...

I Am A Sinner


Subduing sin

Your burden, your delight...

The little foxes

Sin's kisses

Work for God's eye

The Spirit and man's sin


Oh happy, happy slave!

Every worldly Christian

Grace spares no sin...

Live among the swine

Our strength...


Through Christ...

Sin & the Savior!

The more grace...


The best of men...

Hating sin!

Can we love sin?

Without holiness...

Only the eternal is important


Always in danger...


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