Other Baals!

Thank God for hiding the future!

The one game most universally played!

Tom Thumbs in grace!

My needs — His resources!

Strewing flowers on a dead corpse!

The difference between the godly & the ungodly

The star of the show!

Poor, miserable, paltry works of a polluted worm!

Some beloved idol?

We fritter away days, weeks, months!

If you were to meet yourself on the street some morning

True patriotism!

What would you ask for?

The trifles which God gives

Satan's workshop!

The believers' graces

The dregs of old age!

Christian liberty

My politics

Like a passing scene in a drama!

Throw the creature down in the dust!

So much time thrown away on these elegant trifles!

God has three axes!

The man who never laughs

These are the idols of the heart!

Constant multiplication of corrupted copies

My object and aim!

The power of habit

What can't be cured — should be endured!

Common Proverbs and Wise Sayings

A time to laugh!

Pay attention and listen to the sayings of the wise

The idol of our day!

A curious meditation

Such will be their sense of justice!

How, then, shall I spend this short life?

John Newton's tombstone

What is most needed today

A heathenish habit

Life quickly glides away!

Running here and there like ants on an anthill!

Choice quotes from John Flavel

Choice quotes from Thomas Adams

A whore's forehead

Sitting at the leper's table!

The city was full of idols!

Above all, wait at the cross-foot!

Three words to ponder!

What a volume Mr. Recorder Conscience has written already!

Grow OLD sweetly and beautifully

Lopsided religion

Lord, stamp eternity on my eyeballs!

Did you ever see my picture?

The acorns with which God feeds swine!

We are no better than they

How much better is it to get wisdom than gold!

Worse than sodomy!

We are all going, going, going!

Pilfering of another's time

There are sublime and magnificent scenes of unparalleled grandeur before us!

No book is really worth reading

True religion

He was saint as well as scholar!

The memory

The Christian and the Theater


The happiest Christians

Not the doll nor the rattle

Think about such things!

Come, friend, you too are getting old!

The dark dungeon of ignorance!

The language of the bottomless pit!

The whole apparatus of religion

The true secret of spiritual prosperity!

Other men's sins

Religious superstitions!

Two men look at the same scene:

The Drunkard's Will

This so riled them!

The sin of sacrilege!

He was a constant thorn in their sides!

"Who can show us any good?"

Our life is a bubble!

A bubble, a shadow, a dream!

Do not forget all His benefits!

The panacea for the world's evils

Finding happiness in a miserable world

A noble indifference

Instead of lodging the lion and the leopard and the wolf!

Heaven has become a trifle to you, Hell is almost a jest, eternity an empty notion, and death but a bugbear!

The Gospel crucible!

Mirror and fountain

Followed by the sublime realities of eternity!

Woe be to all the Philistines!

It is in life's common experiences

The book of life

Hell's greatest enrichers!

This little inch of time!

Lawful recreations

An old countryman once gave me some good advice which I have never forgotten!

Let but the trough be full — and the swine are happy!


We are unworthy — but You are worthy!

Three books

Righteousness exalts a nation

A misspent life

A natural religiosity

Christians and Politics

A remedy for everything

What makes the children of God so strange?

The first, foremost, chief and principal things in Christianity!

Rules for Self-Knowledge

The Christian's dress all the week

Even your own relatives think you are almost insane

A snake, a monkey, an onion, a bit of rag

Literature, science, politics, commerce, and the arts

A life once spent, is irrevocable

My feeble hand lies in His; His omnipotent hand is clasped round mine!

The common wearisome pursuit of the worldling

That hideous idol SELF in his little shrine

His children began to hiss!

Although they should spend every penny!

A religion that satisfies thousands

Mere toys and baubles

Robert Murray McCheyne quotes

God's hatred of sin!

Without wealth, without learning, without friends!

Snatched out of the very jaws of the devil!


The first Christians

Weaned from feeding on husks and ashes

He has some secret source of happiness

A religious animal

If God had left me alone


Creature comforts

Sick of SIN, sick of SELF, sick of the WORLD

Christian Recreation and Unchristian Amusement

Canaanitish idols and heathenish abominations

The things which men despise

What are all the gilded toys of time?

Herod's birthday ball

What stupid blockheads!

Riches, honors, and comforts

The boy who had died!

The Lord hears your grumblings which you grumble against Him!

My New Testament Joseph

A human religion

Give Me your heart

Is that all?

Having nothing — yet possessing all things

O what a way of learning religion!

The largest slice of the well-sugared cake

A mere cloak which covered a heart full of unclean lusts!

He writes my sins on the sand!

Whoever complains of seasons and weather!

There is nothing here, but a bit of glass

Does God hear when we grumble about the weather?

Doctrines that relate to common life

False religion

The sin of killing time

If we had God's power!

Three things which he dared not think of!



Toys and playthings of the religious babyhouse

A bad word!

My desire is . . .

The cry of weary, care worn humanity

Moving shadows!

Job's religion

Nothing but a huge clod of dust

Coming up from the wilderness

Those poor stupid people!

"God bless us."

Vile thieves!


To eat to the glory of God

A shelf in your head

Let my life be filled, packed and crammed!

The first drunkard!

A religious man?

Ah! the heart was wrong, and therefore everything was wrong!

December 31, 1855

I needed no monkish rules then

Piety and morality

Thanksgiving is never out of season!

Thirst again?

We reason ourselves into all kinds of folly and misery

It was not sects, or creeds, or doctrines, or
churches, or ecclesiastical organizations!


Opinions? Theology? Religion?

I remember two things

Reader, are you taught of God?

Empty bubbles!

The religion which I want

The foulest filth under the cleanest cloak

A brilliant folly!

Solving the great problem of fretful,
careworn, restless, suffering humanity

Whatever we have over-loved

A fictitious god


Unworthy of an idiot

A most difficult science

Romantic dreams of pleasure and earthly joy

The empty, oilless, flameless lamp

The theater!

It is better to be deaf!

The study of prophecy


Deeply and painfully saddening

There is no darker sin than ingratitude!

Human guidance

The pig

Selfish Religion

Christians don't tell lies

The slanderer! The backbiter!

Bubbles on life's ocean

Avoid the world's religion!

Books and magazines

At last to cheat the devil!

They are not too young to go to hell

Life's hours

Our own amusement

Greek, Latin, and Hebrew!

Separation from the world's religion

The flaming scimitar of the Sultan


Timeless Principles for Fruitful Christian Living


Damned by being self-righteous

The Jewelry of the Bible

Pilgrims and strangers

The silly fish

These fugitive, transitory things

The devil's holiday dress to deceive men's souls

The hope of the hypocrite

Solemn and heart searching questions!

And what is his religion but vanity

The religious world


Trivial pursuits!

A history of fools

The tyrant of the soul!

The world's religion

The only effectual means for reforming mankind

Mr. Cox's Museum

For every look at self

A rare plant

Everything you had struggled to gain

True spiritual life!

This age of shams!

The best way to spend your leisure time

Honey Out of the Rock

Could you grasp the world like an orange

David Dickson

What man needs

Two books

Morality will keep you out of jail

Many unruly and vain talkers

Christian recreation

Christian recreation

The white devil

My creed


Unwholesome talk

The happy secret of retaining our mercies!

The Devil's Delusion

Touched by an Angel? or a Devil

Wilt Thou pursue Thy worm to death


The Hell Fire Club

The greatest religious deception this world has ever known!

Christian Terrorism

Levity of spirit

Selfish Religion

The world's theology

Richard Baxter's Guide To The Value Of A Book

The most damning thing in the world!

Are you serious!?

More than a Calvinist

Like a rock!

A system of religious pauperism

The 'play room' of the soul

Oh what a glorious God is ours!

A bubble that rises, and shines, and bursts!

Small progress in holiness




The prayer of Agur

Worry — or preparation

The secret of Spurgeon's preaching...


Choice short quotes from the writings of William Gurnall

Man's greatest happiness!

Choice short quotes from the writings of Thomas Watson

Some have already split upon the rocks of Atheism!

Can Hollywood and Holiness co-exist?

Profession and Hypocrisy

The Passion of Christ movie

Our Life, Our Work, Our Change



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