For PASTORS only!

"Be an example to all believers in what you teach, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity." 1 Timothy 4:12

"A preacher's life should be a commentary of his doctrine; his practice should be a counterpart of  his sermons. Heavenly doctrines should always be adorned with a heavenly life." (Thomas Brooks)

"We preach to people who must live forever . . .
   in heaven — or hell;
   with God — or devils;
   in an eternity of joy — or of torment!"
(Thomas Doolittle)

"Watch your life and doctrine closely." 1 Timothy 4:16

Feeding Sheep or Amusing Goats?

Pastoral Counsels

Personal ambition hinders Christian life and ministry!

A faithful minister

Ministerial Confessions

Pastoral Counsels

Our sins at the seminary

Ministerial pride

I bequeath my pastor's soul to the devil

Wise Counsel for Preachers

An essay on the character of the apostle Paul, considered as an example and pattern of a minister of Jesus Christ

The Christian Ministry

The characteristics of the modern Christian pulpit!

Ministerial Duties Stated and Enforced

An ignorant, profane, and soul-flattering clergy

A jelly-fish Christianity

Simplicity in Preaching

Christ, The Example Of Ministers

Flesh-pleasing pulpit opiates!

My desire is . . .

As he snuffs the gale of popular applause!

Snatched out of the very jaws of the devil!

Tied to their minister's apron strings

The sword of God's Truth

Our obstacles

The Master taught me this in the washing of the disciples' feet

Your life preaches all the week!

Murder all his hearers at once!

God's servants do not promote themselves

Do not judge a minister . . .

A minister's confession

Paid loafers and social parasites!

An iceberg in the Church!

How few have singleness of eye to God's glory

The worst enemy of mankind!

Ministerial Directions

No 'reverence' is due to me!

The four giant-killers of preachers!

For the 'Reverends'

Self-elevated little popes!

Unholy ministers

The blindness of ministers!

The ablest minister

High offices in the church

The art of preaching

A bad sign!

An apostolic face and a Judas heart

The faults of great men

The most learned and profound theologian

On just such husks do the religious swine feed

It is not better preaching!

Philpot's letter of resignation from the Church of England

Philpot on TIPTAFT

Philpot on GADSBY

Philpot on WARBURTON

The noblest ecclesiastical edifice

A coward's castle

Accomplished actors!

The only smile worth having

Your life preaches all the week

Let me tell you, the Devil has his ministers!

Are you seeking great things for yourself?

They are helpers to the cause of the devil

Pride, self-conceit, and self-exaltation

If Mr. Pride gets a wound in the head

A faithful minister

A sad motley mixture

Ministers are often desirous of . . .

So deplorable a state!

The Devil's Mission of Amusement

He never sought to amuse them!

Loaf, putter, play, doze and run about

The A and the Z

Mr. Evans

Doubly severe!

True Christian ministry

Spiritual Leadership

Half the diseases of Christianity

Peace, peace!

Preaching is not child's play!

Where, O where?

The best of men are only men at their very best

The devil's old delusion!

Man-made ministers!

Among the preachers of the day

What a lesson is here for ministers!

No child's play!

Serving with ulterior motives


The best service...

More scarce and precious than a bar of gold!

Life, death, and hell, and worlds unknown!

A filthy, stinking bag of worms!

The best sermons!

Solemn words to ministers!


Familiarity with sacred things

How to fill your church!

The greatest disservice

Our chief aim

The original Hebrew and Greek

One of a preacher's first duties!

The Urgent Need For Reformation in Pastoral Ministry

Dislike to Ministerial Faithfulness Stated and Explained

Micah's Complaint

Church Leaders & The Use of Honorific Titles

Trifling, pedantic criticisms upon 'words'


The best man in the church!

The genuine pastor

The unfaithful preacher

The best way to run the goats out of the church!

A Word for Pastors

The Love of Souls, a Necessary
Qualification for the Ministerial Office

An Earnest Ministry (book by J. A. James)

The Reformed Pastor (book by Richard Baxter)

The cultivation of personal piety

Lessons from my first pastorate