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The Excellency of Prayer

There is no habit that we should more sedulously form

The necessity of daily prayer

Reader, how is it with you?

If our lives were as good as our prayers

Oh! divine Redeemer

My needs — His resources!

Open wide your mouth — and I will fill it!

Go to Him just as you are — and receive from Him all you need!

He is dull, heavy, lumpy — all but dead

Right and wrong praying

Father knows best!

Run to your Father!

How to pray in our own Gethsemanes

A cup of love

Our tears of penitence cannot remove one blot!

Prayer is

His yearning heart awaits you!

My Father,

Your gracious keeping

Secret prayer

Thomas Watson's choice quotes on PRAYER

Continue earnestly in prayer

God does not deal with us in this 'sentimental' way!

Tears have a voice

Liquid prayers!

As we pass along the miry paths of life

We meekly knock at mercy's gate

Communion with Jesus

It is not your work that He wants most — it is you!

A life of simple, active, and absolute dependence on Jesus!

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus!


The secret of a beautiful life!

Sacred picklocks!

He has a numerous and necessitous family!

O what crowds of pitiable objects!

He always lives to make intercession for them!

What shall we ask God to do?

Weak and helpless and burdened

The most healthy state of a Christian

The diamonds of heaven!

Our Arabian wilderness!

Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me!

I am fast borne along the 'stream of time'

How often do we mingle sulphur with our incense!

Look upon me!

I cried

Bottled in Heaven!


For final revision and approval

Sacred picklocks!

Do you indeed ACT as you pray?

A broken heart, a helpless and powerless soul

It is the vile monster!

Our Cherith

Almighty God, our heavenly Father

Teach me how to pray, mother!

A mother's prayers

Tangles which our fingers cannot unravel

May we nestle in Your love

A device for saving people from toil, struggle and responsibility

Helpless, hopeless, friendless, portionless

The divine philosophy for peaceful living

It will help us greatly in our Christian life

He is never too busy!

My malady, my monster, my foe, my viper!

Fleeting earthly comforts and worldly trinkets!

A Morning Prayer

Pity your foolish child!

I am astonished

Tell your sorrows and secrets

I must take off my earthly garments, and put on my sacred dress

The royal gate

Bending His gracious ear to sinful worms

Luther's puppy

Come with Me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest

Take all the tangled threads!


Secret meals make fat bodies

Do not be anxious about anything!

These days of sin and temptation

Two heavens

Let me no longer waste my time

The sword of Divine justice buried in His sinless heart!

The golden key, and the iron lock

In this scene of confusion and distraction

Ah, my much abused, much neglected heart!

The chosen pleasure-ground of our souls!

Your sin, guilt, and temptation!

Pour all your secrets into His ear!

Christ takes the dross out!

Draw me — or drive me!

We would hardly recognize it

When the burden crushes

If He denies us

The key of heaven

What a holy, happy life is this!

The Sure Resource

Be sure to shut the door!

My eyes are always on the Lord!

The demon was gone!

A man too big for temptations to conquer!

Lead me to the cross

Oh, the comfort!

What a solemn charge is here!

What we are in secret devotions

We confess with shame

The deadly viper in its real malignity!

Revive me!

Christ's seemingly inexplicable conduct

Your Savior's heart

Some of Your gifts have come to us in strange form!

Communion with God

I will look up!

I flee anew to the pavilion of Your love!

The treasury is large and inexhaustible

Wonder, O heavens, and be astonished, O earth!

The desire of our soul

The path to comfort in our time of sorrow

They poured out a prayer

A hidden life!

The wilderness

Divine guidance

The only refuge in sorrow

He loves us too well

The benefits of prayer

Secret meals make fat bodies

Move, I beg You, upon my disordered heart

O Lord! I desire to be humbled

Oh, what music in the Shepherd's ear!

He will warm, soften, and fill it with His love

You have allowed the key to rust!

Oh, this is heaven, the heaven of heaven!

We are upon the utmost heights of human greatness!

Hold me up!

The 'mystery' of prayer?

Sweet comfort

Wave upon wave of grace

The best recipe for cheerfulness

A tear makes no great noise, yet has a voice

The heart of God will fly open!

The Arrow of Prayer?

Breathe this prayer!

A mortal man reposing at the feet of the Incarnate God!

Let your daily history


Shamed by the birds!

A holy familiarity

Christian recreation?



The remedy, cure, antidote, panacea, and golden key!

Little, little, little things?

It is a wonder God does not kick us out of His presence!

It gushes from His heart!

He takes away our props!

Heart work

Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away

The grandest benefactors of the church!

Is it winter with your soul?

His beauty covers my deformities!

Meditation . . .

Worth ten thousand worlds!

Gaudy words?

Dull, heavy, lumpy, all but dead!

The great benefits of prayer!

The Most Pleasant Life

Poverty, wretchedness, and woe!

Go and lay your icy heart upon His flaming heart of love!

God's conscious comforting presence!

A certain cure for every ill

Doubly sweet!

The way to spiritual wealth!

The great benefits of prayer!

A cup that all must drink

The Christian's vital breath

A hard, proud, hollow religion?

Do you understand this?

Morning devotion

Hardness of heart


Our poor prayers?

Our greatest joy!


Our choice privilege...

Communion with God

Singular heartiness...

True Christianity!


Meditate on Christ

We groan


Alone with Christ


New Year Prayers

Heaven on earth...

Live at the feet of Jesus!


Your 'secret' life

A whore's forehead


Live near to God

What are you?

Please quit acting spiritual!


The ship of prayer?


A liquid petition?

Private devotions!

Precious Lord Jesus,

The most pleasant life?


The eloquence which God delights in?


Alone with God


Hardness of heart?

How to understand Scripture?

The gate of heaven!

Do I ever pray?

If the heart be dumb?

Depending on God...

The least thing you can do...

Does he hear?

Secret prayer...


The epitome of Christianity?


The religion of this poor Hottentot woman

Do you pray?

The holy art of prayer...

Abide with us!

O great I AM


In the morning...

Cold prayers!

How to get a dry and barren heart?

Progress in grace...

A prayerless soul?

Prayer and love to others...

Prayer and sin...

Prayer without words?

What fetched the angel?

Cold prayers?

Praying for others...

What the church needs today?

Here is my heart, my poor heart

Prayer and Thanksgiving


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