Who made you to differ?

The most lovely Christian!

A truly humble man!

If God left us!

We have been admiring our vile selves!

Satan's apes

Can you think of all this, and still be proud!

High, supercilious thoughts of yourselves

Do not be proud of your fine feathers!

The most hidden, secret, and deceitful of all lusts

The mother and mistress of all the sins

The most secret, subtle, and insinuating of all sins!

Paul's highest attainment

Paul's estimate of himself

A holy man will follow after humility

The only suitable dress for a saved sinner!

Behold, I am vile!

How can I flaunt myself proudly?

The poor worm is secretly indulging self-applause!

If I had my deserts!

Christ is exalted — and Self is abased

The loathsome moral leprosy!

Pride cannot live beneath the cross!

Pope Self

Selfishness withers and dies beneath Calvary!

If you are not as wicked as others

God's most stubborn enemy!

A rare grace

God's palace!

The boaster!

As many heads as a Hydra — and as many lives as a cat!

That white devil!

Vain-glory, self-delight and pride

But when the mower comes!

The peacock of pride


That monstrous creature within us!

Lumps of animated dust

Broken people!

The worst viper in the human heart!

Humble souls

Are you seeking great things for yourself?

The great design of God

A lump of vanity

The garment which the Savior always wore

If this does not humble you

Shame on you — O silly heart!

That sweet grace

To nourish a serpent in the bosom!

They tempt the devil to fall in love with them!

It is a creature of many lives!

Well-colored dirt

The seven-headed monster!

A tumor and swelling in the mind

Proud, dogmatic, and self-important

That man will never be a proud man!

Notice their humility

This sinner, not the Pharisee

The rarest and most beautiful of graces

They influence us more than we can imagine

The Monster Pride!

You are a filthy pauper!

Like a weed upon a dung-heap!

The worst kind of pride

Stripped of his peacock feathers

The devil's sin

Unseen, and unsuspected

The unsaved man's motto

It is mercy that he is out of Hell!

All are more or less deeply infected with it

A common, old, subtle, and most soul ruining sin.

Is any spot too low for me to creep into and lie in?

The great idol!

It pulls down the plumes of his pride!

He is tossed from vanity to vanity

A great lesson

A vile, creeping, insinuating thing, which will twist itself like a serpent into our hearts!

Building monuments to yourself!

This most hateful disposition!

He must increase — but I must decrease

Low views of yourself?

The soil where graces thrive best

It is nothing else but human folly

A proud sinner and a humble Savior!

The great master-scar of the soul

Thousands imagine that they are humble

That nasty weed!

It is a heavenly grace

Especially beautified

A pound of grace

We know but little

The foulest filth under the cleanest cloak

The wretched worm of the earth!

A most soul-ruining sin!


The strong man sinks down into a babe!

The drop of water?

The idol SELF must be dethroned!

A delicious poison

The flame of vainglory

The leaven of pride

A proud Christian!

The most incongruous of all things

Man — that puny worm of the dust!

What have I to be proud of?

Like coins from the same mint!



The parent of numberless sins?

Low in the deep valley of humility

Pride & Humility

It will engraft itself upon our holy things!

The idol 'self' must fall


Self-Righteous and Proud?

When men have ridden the high horse

To keep me from getting puffed up

"By the grace of God I am what I am."

A high esteem of yourself?

That hideous idol SELF in his little shrine

There is a 'boasting bump' on all our heads?

A truly humble man!

O what a way of learning religion!

A heap of ostentatious service!

Pride, worldliness, and covetousness

The heart of God's child

Holy posture!

A vile, creeping, serpentine thing...


Do you seek you great things for yourself?


What a sin-killing, self-abasing sight!

Well, my proud friend....

A filthy, stinking bag of worms!

This disclosure is revolting to our pride!

The idol, SELF, falls prostrate before Jesus Christ!

Perhaps in the time of our humiliation

The humble heart!

The Great Artist's chisel!

Self dies!

The image and reflection of Christ!


If Mr. Pride gets a wound in the head

Oh lovely posture!

A mass of pollution,
a den of filthiness,
a seething mass of putrefaction!

Three steps in the Christian's life.

Pride cannot live beneath the cross!

Thousands imagine that they are humble

A proud Christian?

The pasture of worms!

A subtle enemy!


Where pride cannot live?

The best cure for pride!


Proud Christians?

All the miseries, vexations, and complaints


Pride and Humility


That demon of pride!


Dr. Ives?


Pride eats at the root of all happiness!

The trial of prosperity?

The Destroyer!

The bane of all true godliness?


That dear, idolized creature

We are all born proud!

O Lord! I desire to be humbled

The highest grace that can adorn the Christian character

Pride, self-conceit, and self-exaltation

Pride and Worldliness

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