The Trojan horse

My Father's eye!

The devil's chessboard!

A hazardous game!

We all have our Ashtareth!

Better rot in prison!

Only slightly evil

If they cannot have a fresh dish from Satan's kitchen!

There are 'Jebusites' in every Christian heart!

We must hew our Agags to pieces!

All the devils in Hell, and all tempters on earth!

They put the nickels and the pennies in the collection plate!

A bird that is tied by a string

These poor swine!

A sin-expelling power over our lives!

A few, easy, or gentle strokes!

The situation in which she died is instructive:

The old man yet lives!

I would unmask the devil!

They are the willing, abject slaves of what is called amusement!

Temptations work for our good

Christ's presence--and sin's presence

We get entangled with some idol

A child can crush a serpent's egg!

Be thankful, my dear, that he treats you as his enemy!

There is a perilous progress in sin!

A vexing vanity!

He took special pains to fetch them out, and hang them up!

The devil's apple has a bitter core!

Little Sins

He and Bacchus were rolling in the gutter together!

Nibbling at Satan's golden baits!

Nursing a viper!

They could burn--but they could not turn!

He welcomes them to hell

Joseph saw God in the room!

The temptation, and the opportunity

Buffeted by Satan's temptations

You shall not commit adultery!

The golden bait

The Bitterness of Sin!

Building nests in our hair!

Then she pounded the tent peg through his head!

The most subtle, stubborn, and tenacious foe

Some secret sin has long been eating its way to the heart!

Who can come out of the battle alive?

All the sins of the saints

The crosses we make

Beware of little sins!

The devil's jackals!

The devil's draw-net!

The old serpent is almost sure to be lurking in our path!

Thomas Watson's choice quotes on affliction!

Silently entwining their invisible threads into a cable!

It is not always ugly!

It is never safe to make pets of tigers!

They want to keep just as near to Sodom as possible!

David's terrible sin

No wonder if Satan get into the saddle!

Not allowing the inclination to sin--and the opportunity to sin, to meet!

A vulnerable heel

My subtlest and strongest enemies are within myself!

This wretched state of sin and temptation

It pierces and winds itself into every corner and chink

Killing lust

Lest Madam Bubble bewitch them with her vile suggestions

We are not ignorant of his schemes!

Lost unregenerate men know nothing of this struggle!

Satan warms himself at the fire!

In the same ruthless way!

The sword which wounds the red dragon!

How do I mortify the flesh?

More dreadful than Hell!

Like a ball and chain around his ankle!

Be acquainted with the whole range of sensual desires

They play with fire--and wonder why they are burned!

My old man!

Two infamous strumpets

If the eye is once inflamed

Not whom he may bite--but devour!

Caterers for their lusts!

A private back door to hell

It would make him pull his hat over his eyes!

Have you learned your lesson so badly?

All the devil's tricks!

O you filthy creature!

Nibbling at Satan's golden baits!

First she looked--and then she lusted!

Look to the cross!

Linked together with adamantine chains!

The flesh

Snares, gins, and traps!

The cockatrice must be crushed

I would soon fall into gross sins!

Distasteful temptations

Little sinners

Dead and dark seasons

He never misses a sermon!

Our worst enemies!

If this cockatrice is not crushed in the egg!

It is but a little sin!

Your Goliath lust

The deceitfulness of sin!

Instead of lodging the lion and the leopard and the wolf!

Sheep or swine?

Tempting, seductive, dangerous and ruinous

The wiles of the devil!

This lion of hell is ever hunting after his prey!

I am growing worse every day!

To damn them with delights!

Cut it off!


Sin's sweetness and smiles

My greatest enemy?

It kisses--and kills!

But who is our greatest enemy?

Satan promises the best--but pays with the worst!

Lord, I feel my own utter helplessness!

Have you not brought this on yourselves?

This is the very knife that cut the throat of your child!


Painted pleasures, sugared poisons, envenomed baits

Soul-killing plots, devices, stratagems & machinations!

You shall be without fault!

Were we left wholly in its hands!

He hides the hook!

The most treacherous enemy

That white devil!

The poor creature went on eating the cheese!

A man too big for temptations to conquer!


Watch out!

Some secret sin has long been eating its way to the heart!

The way to escape from the power of sin

If God would forsake us

The Leopard!

Snares, traps, baits!

O self! Self!

These Canaanites!

All true sanctification

He never lacks an apple for an Eve!

What a battlefield is the heart

I am growing worse every day!

Such a perpetual and unceasing conflict?

The best of saints

Save me, and I shall be saved!

What are all the gilded toys of time?

Under the influence of strong temptation

We have wolves in our own hearts!

The most poisonous serpents

All my sins and slips!

Looking for some victim to devour!

There are many tyrants!

What a treacherous foe dwells in our bosom!

The slippery and insidious nature of vice

An apple in exchange for a paradise!

Anxious care

It will come in at every chink and crevice!

Can they beat back this monster to his filthy den?

Let us make thorough work of it!

Friend, can you understand my riddle?

O what a company of lusts!

Sin for you!

The sins and slips of the saints

One sin, trifled with--tampered with!

The faults of great men

Avoid light, trifling professors of religion!

The slimy trail and the deadly venom of the serpent!

Eternity with all its magnitudes

Inbred sin?

I daily fail

This wily devil

The tyrant of the soul?

As a little helpless child

Every kind of sin

We resolve that the murderers shall die!

Avoid light, trifling professors of religion


The way to escape from the power of sin.

The strong man sinks down into a babe!


The path of spiritual declension

The more secret and delusive lusts?

Spiritual Joy!

Watch against the master sins


We shall always find him at Church!

Watch out!

The Devil in Sheep's Clothing?

The syren song of pleasure...



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