An easy Hell

Could we look into the lake of fire!

The Furnace of Affliction!

Our afflictions are light!

The mother and daughter die on one bed, and are buried in one grave!

The Presence of God with the Afflicted

I cannot be so unreasonable as to expect two Heavens!

God weighs and measures, bounds and ordains, my sorrows!

We would not be so perplexed by the mysteries of our lives!

It takes a long and painful process to purge it out!

The afflictions of the godly!

He will sustain you

Troubles, Troubles, Troubles!

All the afflictions of God's people

Twenty-four hours in Hell!

The blessed man!

The sufferings of this present time

God separates the sin which He hates—from the soul which He loves!

Home, sweet home! There is no place like home!

These short-lived troubles!

I would have been perfectly submissive!

When they are twisted out of my hand

A memento of divine affection

Oh! what a pillow on which to rest your aching head!

Black seeds without beauty

Trials and sorrows

God knows best what cross we need to bear!

The two birds

You have been long a-gathering rust

God does not deal with us in this 'sentimental' way!

The furnace of affliction!

Like sugar in our tea!

God has not promised

The process was not easy!

The path of sorrow

Afflicted, tormented, and destroyed!

We also rejoice in our afflictions!

In that hand which was once bored and nailed to the cross for your redemption!

I asked the Lord, that I might grow

All our afflictions are appointed by our loving heavenly Father!

How deplorably mistaken you are!

The world's pleasures are often curses in disguise!

Our blessings are always greater than our trials!

The death of an infant

He smote her with a disease which deprived her of strength, destroyed her beauty, and left her deformed!

If only we could but read the writing!

Weary mariner on life's tempestuous ocean

Square me! Prune me!

The greatest blessing on this side of Heaven!

There is divine wisdom in every trial — and divine love in every cross!

Those doltish children!

It will all end in mercy!

He saw that they were in serious trouble!

The school of pain

God makes no mistakes in dealing with His children!

The sovereign decrees and allotments of Your infinite wisdom!

The Giver — and the Taker!

One of God's medicines!

Lord, I thank you for shaking me!

He actually chooses affliction!

All the children of God have a cross to carry

Think seriously of this, and be thankful!

As your days — so shall your strength be!

The poor Christian!

Black seeds without beauty!

O blessed hurricane!

We shall lose nothing but our dross!

Your severest sufferings

God takes away the creature!

Do not expect a smooth and easy path!

Our "thorn"

In the day of adversity, consider!

The adjusting of the scales!

Afflictions are but medicines

He makes no mistakes!

The divine Gardener

Earthly sorrows and troubles

Dear Miss Medhurst

He must afflict us!

Is that mother bird cruel?

Even while frowns seem to cover His face, and the rod is seen in His hand!

Any moment we may be stricken down!

When I am weak — then I am strong

Perhaps He will smite you!

All things work together for good!

Father knows best!

When He does not punish!

In affliction look to Jesus

God's file and flail

A sedative to all sorrows — and a solace under all sharp afflictions

Oh, that I had the wings of a dove!

Is this all I get — after so much trouble?

Affliction prepared for and improved

His most afflictive dispensations

Tokens of God's love!

Then they hiss and spit their venom!

A Father's hand!

The hand of God is in every trial, trouble, and disappointment

The rough stalk of suffering

Practice-lessons in the application of the theories of Christian life

His love uses the rod — as well as gives the kiss!

The Beneficent Design of Affliction

The goal of living in this world

Indeed, he is in trouble — but he is not in Hell!

Afflictions, when sanctified

Perhaps, while we are admiring our gourd

God shoots many kinds of arrows

These smaller trials which God prepares for us

In the furnace of affliction

Fiery trials make golden Christians!

God's sin-purging medicine

This burden of ours!

The questions should rather be

Such lessons!

It took the baby out of the young mother's arms the other night!

If you attempt to enthrone the creature!

Correcting in love — not smiting in wrath!

The one is drawn in pomp to hell — while the other swims in tears to heaven!

All honey would harm us

The heaviest afflictions on this side hell

Sharp arrows!

It is I!

Like a wild bull in a net!

Thank Him for His prescription!

A cross of their own choosing

Our thorn!

The trials and sufferings of the godly

O the blessed chemistry of heaven!

All the Hell that you shall ever have

What a mercy — to be out of Hell!

Every man has a heaven and a hell

A mother and her child

Fetch out the dirt and spots

Draw me — or drive me!

God's threshing

Shall we complain? Shall we repine? Shall we murmur?

God's mowing-machine

It is better to be preserved in
brine — than to rot in honey!

I will come forth as gold!

Every sorrow and trouble of our earthly pilgrimage


The thorn is still left to pierce and lacerate!

The knife!

And then the Lord puts us into the furnace!

Our 'lot' of afflictions

True, victorious living

To many people — life is very hard

That hand can never smite you

A remedy against all our trouble

God's pruning knife

Then the scum appears!

The only fire which will burn away the dross!

When He comes to us in the garb of pain or sorrow

A divine chemistry

It is the same hand!

He must set our barley field on fire!

Evidences & results of sanctified affliction

The last pang, and groan, and tear!

You have afflicted me

He who has deserved a hanging

No sweat!

The school of suffering

He who holds the pruning-knife

He who holds the pruning-knife

Trials, Troubles & Afflictions!

The end will make amends for all!

Sickness, disease, decay, and death

Corrosives to eat out the proud flesh

You will have many trials and sorrows

God's flail

The daughter helps to destroy the mother

One second of glory!

In the profound depth of affliction

Sharp chiseling!

You have no reason to complain

Hammer, anvil, file & fire!

But a flea-bite!

Some have two hells

There is an end to all your troubles, trials, and temptations

How is affliction a blessing?

Your present trial

Fuel to your lusts, and quenchers of your graces

He was still a-pointing at the toads in their bosoms

The master-strokes of the Divine Artist!

A cup of love!

I had to punish him

Every twig has a voice!

You are the one who has done this!

Every bitter cup

God would not rub so hard

A rod of love to whip you!

The cost of all truly helpful and holy living

When you find 'thorns' in your path

The Friend of His people in distress!

Your present affliction

God's angels!

Paulinus Nolanus

Go and kill such a man

They poured out a prayer

The afflictions of the godly

The cup!

It is in these storms

Are you a distressed believer?

A double hell

O blessed hurricane!

Glued to the world

The constant cry of the rod


Our momentary light affliction

Beloved, are you in the fire?

When Munster lay sick

Pity your foolish child!

But our coward flesh shrinks from them!

Father knows best!

Has He put you so many times into the furnace?

If God gave us no thorn

You are the one who has done this!

A great and inestimable mercy

Sweet comfort

I am a very dull scholar in Christ's school

The little garden?

Every new trial, and every fresh cross!

Their dregs and dross

The divine Craftsman


A tiny insect at the door of My all-sufficiency

This trouble from which you are now suffering

I will refine them like silver and purify them like gold!

Will worrying make matters any better?

A languishing body

The soil where graces thrive best

His unwearied care and concern

There is no 'chance' in God's world

Through the agonies of great trial

Cruel tools

Here is a strange sight!

Not made of feathers, nor lined with velvet

His everlasting arms!

All trials, all temptations, all strippings, all emptyings

To wean you from a poor, unsatisfying world

Sickness is a greater mercy!

The darling child whom we love so much lies dead in our arms!

Why are you cast down, O my soul?

The goal of Christian life

These difficulties . . .

God's chisel and hammer!

It is I!

Poor, moping, dejected creatures

When our path is strewed with roses

When God thwarts, afflicts, and mortifies us



God is at the root of our sufferings

It is in these storms

The storms of life

The searching, burning, purifying fires of Christ's furnace!

God's chisel

The chisel and mallet of affliction!

Your choicest mercies!

To keep me from getting puffed up

Afflictions are Appointed!


This is too hard for me!

The believer's chief troubles

Only one hand can ease the trouble

The Lord sometimes flogs His children home!

Severe, yet wise and loving

My dear wife has been quite ill

He can crawl like a serpent, and he can roar like a lion!

Your burden

The pruning knife

A cup that all must drink

He has given me a cup of deep sorrow to drink

Don't worry about the package!


Proceed with your chiselings

Hammer, anvil, file & fire!

My helper!

There are many devices in a man's heart

Sanctified affliction

Trials are intended . . .

Living in a world full of disease and death

It is the hand of Him who was crucified!

Afflictions, sorrows, trials

The black chariot of Christ!

All His corrections are sent in love!

Your poor little boy!

Bruised reeds!

There are many crosses, and every one of them is sore and heavy

A poor shoemaker in his dreary little shop

Welcome all sickness!

O suffering saints of God!

Some heavy, painful, yet concealed cross?

God's knife!

This is a plank which upholds the sinking heart!

The knife of the heavenly Surgeon

No — keep it!


Some of you will be cast into the furnace!

Drinking bitter cups

All God's dealings with us

One drop of that potion

This precious panacea!

What a pillow on which to rest your aching head!

The chastening of love!

The toiling, the tempted, and the sorrowing!

We may be happy in a prison!

A place of spiritual refreshment

The Shepherd knows what pastures are best

Happy sickness

Nothing noble is attained easily

Amid the sorrows and trials of the world

Surrounded with trouble at almost every step?

The buzzing of a fly

Precious fruits of sanctified affliction

Our little trials, little cares, little needs, little sorrows


The hard couch of sorrow

Trials and discomforts?

Christ's schools?

God's lancet!

The medicine! The knife! Your song!

The wounded and wounding hand of the Savior!

It is their Father's hand which chastens them!

The golden idol is but clay after all!

An irrevocable loss!

Dyed in the purple stream of His own heart's blood!


Level clay idols

The true ministry of pain

The godly man's crosses, losses and sorrows

But, alas! We are poor creatures

What Omnipotence cannot do?

Here, put your troubles here!

Entwined with crosses?

First there comes bitterness

Are you, beloved, walking in the midst of trouble?

And what are my troubles?

Blessed suffering!

Oh! be submissive, meek, and quiet!

God's arrows!

Patience! Patience! Patience!

Just because He disposes all things

CALAMITIES — Chance, Fate, Satan or Predestination?

A cup of love?

Suffering Christian!

Passing through the valley of weeping

Black envelopes!

Hear the voice of love in the rod

The school of trial

The school of Heaven!

A measure of trials is necessary

The bitter pill of adversity

Call Him 'Father' in the furnace


Every tear that falls upon the pallid face of sorrow

Faith pulls the black mask from the face of trouble

His chastising hand

Poverty and affliction

The problem of living in this world

This is my infirmity!

A gospel honeycomb

The afflictions the Lord sends on His people

Every bitter cup


We are both in the furnace!

Christ's jewels!

Trials are necessary to wean us from the world

A balm for every wound, a cordial for every care

Our present sufferings

There is something fascinating in GRIEF

The hard things

Unfailing love!

What is your sorrow?

The furnace!

Cancer, go to that child!

Infinite wisdom has appointed the whole!

The purpose of all our sorrow and trouble



A black messenger loaded with treasure!

Tribulations, difficulties, and disappointments

The season of sickness!

Would we really rather have things our way?

God's perfect will

Comfort for SICK SAINTS

Afflicted one, you cannot believe it now!

This unravels the mystery!



The school of Christ

The school of adversity


Gods appointments

The sweetest mercies of God!

All things!

Sweetly refreshed

Swine-troughs and husks!

Troubles! Trials! Afflictions!

We take much to uproot us

Show me why You contend with me

The sharp arrows of affliction!

Have we not leaned upon a thousand things?

One fiery trial?

Too wise to err and too good to be unkind!

Losses, adversities, afflictions, griefs!

Sweet affliction! Sweet affliction!

Unfreeze the frozen graces

Comfort in all your trouble

The more the diamond is cut

All life's tangles

A strange college!

Carve the image of Christ on the wall of your heart!

My leanness, my leanness, woe unto me!

The black horse of affliction

Your portion

All the whys and wherefores

Our trials...

No storms, assaults, sieges, or pestilences

An amazing reverse of circumstances!

Having hard times?

Pure Gold!

My Father did this!

Bitter cups...

Kiss the rod


Our worst things

True grace...

The afflictions of the ungodly

All the houses in this plague stricken land

A chastening God!

All kinds of trials...



I asked the Lord...


When your Father smites you!

God's school


Praying about trials!

God's choicest mercies...

A Compassionate High Priest and a Throne of Grace

Wait a little longer.

Sweet comfort...


Our present sufferings...

Trials, chastenings, afflictions...

Our trials?

In the furnace!

They must be burned into us with the hot iron of affliction!

My Father's hand...

Because He loves you...

Troubles, troubles, troubles...


God's blows?

Sharp arrows!

Afflictions are the mother of virtue...

The end of God in all His doings and dealings

Trials & providence...

Fiery trials!

The highest honor?

Wilt Thou pursue Thy worm to death?

Where God put you?


Your Cross

God's rods!

God's Chastening!


No trivial gifts?

Mourning into dancing!

His everlasting shoulders...

Mountains of troubles!

The axhead!

Help Lord!

Christ in the Sick Room


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