The devil's draw-net!

(Thomas Watson, "Dearly Beloved" 1662)

"He who walks with wise men shall be wise; but a companion of fools shall be destroyed!" Proverbs 13:20

Take heed of the company you keep! Beware of unnecessary familiarity with the ungodly.

We cannot catch health from another — but we may soon catch a disease! The disease of sin is very contagious! I should be as afraid of going among the wicked — as going among those who have the plague! "They mingled among the pagans — and adopted their evil customs!" Psalm 106:35. If we cannot make others better — let us take care that they make us no worse.

Lot was a 'miracle' — he kept fresh in Sodom's salt-water!

My beloved, take heed of the occasions of sin — evil company is a great occasion of sin. The Nazarites in the old law, as they were not to drink wine — so they were also forbidden grapes, from which the wine was made, as you read in Numbers 6. This teaches us, that all occasions of sin must be avoided.

Evil company is the devil's draw-net, by which he draws millions to Hell. How many families, and how many souls have been ruined and undone by evil company? Many there are, who go from a play-house and from a tavern — to the bottomless pit!