Charles Spurgeon

Spurgeon is the most widely read preacher in history. There is more Spurgeon material available today, than any other Christian author, living or dead. We offer here, a very choice selection of Spurgeon's best sermons!

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Spurgeon BOOKS

The Treasury of David

Song of Solomon sermons

Satan's Banquet!

The Monster Dragged to Light!

The Enchanted Ground

A Sermon for Men of Taste

Faith Versus Sight

Vainglory Rebuked!

Love's Logic!

The Blood of the Everlasting Covenant!

Secret Sins

Moab is My Washpot

The Power of Aaron's Rod

Vile Ingratitude!

Figs and Olive Berries

All These Things

A Precious Drop of Honey

The Drawings of Love

The Great Arbitration Case

The Righteous Holding on His Way

The Clean and Unclean

Noah's Flood

Our Stronghold

Under His Shadow

No Tears in Heaven

The Weaned Child

The Gracious Lips of Jesus

Our Motto

Our Life, Our Work, Our Change

A Vile Weed and a Fair Flower

Self-Righteousness — a
Smoldering Heap of Rubbish!

The Old Way of the Wicked

Love's Complaining

The prayer of Jabez

Beloved Yet Afflicted

Supposing Him to Be the Gardener

The Well-Beloved’s Vineyard

The Keeper of the Vineyard


Mongrel Religion

Ripe Fruit

Micah's Message for Today

The Savior's Many Crowns

Prodigal Love for the Prodigal Son

Hope, Yet No Hope
No Hope, Yet Hope

Grace Abounding!

A Troubled Prayer

The Perseverance of the Saints

A Well-Ordered Life

A Lesson from the Great Panic

A Warning Against Hardness of Heart

Let Us Go Forth

The Planter of the Ear must Hear

Following the Risen Christ

Accidents, Not Punishments

The Sons of God

The Greatest Fight in the World!

What are the Clouds?

The Universal Remedy

Martha and Mary

Jesus the Great Object of Astonishment

The Heart of the Gospel

Praise Your God, O Zion

Christ the Destroyer of Death!

The Last Enemy Destroyed!

Resurrection with Christ

Away with Fear

The Liberator

The Infallibility of God's Purpose

Without Christ, Nothing

Mysterious Visits

Why Are Men Saved?

Spring in the Heart

The Eye, a Similitude

Love's Crowning Deed

From Sorrow to Joy

Death and Life — The Wage and the Gift

Do You Know Him?

A Pastoral Letter

Baptismal Regeneration

Pleasant Plants and Desperate Sorrow

Christian Training of Children

Early Piety—Eminent Piety

Susannah Spurgeon, "A Song of Sighs"

Charles Spurgeon, Prince of Preachers
(Superb biographical VIDEO)

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