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John MacDuff, THE THOUGHTS OF GOD  (31 days)

John MacDuff, THE FAITHFUL PROMISER  (31 days)

John MacDuff, THE WORDS OF JESUS  (31 days)

John MacDuff, THE RAINBOW IN THE CLOUDS  (31 days)

John MacDuff, THE MIND OF JESUS  (31 days)

John MacDuff, THE NIGHT WATCHES   (31 days)

John MacDuff, THE MORNING WATCHES  (31 days)

J. R. Miller, Miller's Year Book

F. L. Mortimer, The life of Christ, for family devotions  (365 days)

J. C. Philpot, Daily Portions  (365 days)

J. C. Philpot, Daily Words for Zion's Wayfarers  (365 days)

Charles Spurgeon, Morning and Evening

Octavius Winslow, CONSIDER JESUS  (31 days)

Octavius Winslow, MORNING THOUGHTS  (365 days)

Octavius Winslow, EVENING THOUGHTS (365 days)

Octavius Winslow, DAILY NEED DIVINELY SUPPLIED  (31 days)

Octavius Winslow, WORDS OF DIVINE COMFORT  (31 days)

"The habit of laying up a text of Scripture in the morning, to be meditated upon while engaged in the business of this world through the dayis both profitable and delightful. It is as a refreshing draught to a weary traveler!

Nothing is more helpful and practical in Christian living—than the habit of getting a verse or phrase of Scripture into the mind and heart in the morning. Its influence stays through the day, weaving itself into all the day's thoughts and words and experiences.

Every verse in the Bible is meant to help us to live—and a good devotional book opens up the precious teachings which are folded up in its words.

A devotional book, which takes a Scripture text, and so opens it for us in the morning—that all day long it helps us to live, becoming a true lamp to our feet, and a staff to lean upon when the way is rough—is the very best devotional help we can possibly have. What we need in a devotional book which will bless our lives—is the application of the great teachings of Scripture—to common, daily, practical life." J. R. Miller

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