Anne Dutton's Letters on Spiritual Subjects

Dear Sister in our Precious Jesus,

We have had many sweet feasts with our Beloved in the
'wilderness'; but the richest provisions and the best wine
are reserved until the last, and the Marriage Supper hastens.

Oh, how little have we seen of His transcendent beauty!
We have beheld so much of His glory as to make Him the
chief of ten thousand in our esteem. But there is enough in
Him to fill men and angels with new wonder to all eternity!

Christ's riches are absolutely unsearchable; a mine that
we can never bottom to eternity! We shall see more and
more of His glory as we pass on towards perfection. And
oh, the wonderful grace that is to be brought unto us at
our Lord's next appearing, which will be the Revelation
of Jesus Christ.

The views of His glory, which we have had here, though
true and real, yet are so small that if compared with what
we shall have then, it will be as if we had never seen
, and as if He was but then revealed to us.

We shall be so ravished with the views of His glory that
we shall never be able to look off His bright face forever!