Anne Dutton's Letters on Spiritual Subjects

Dear Sir,
Oh, what a mercy, what a privilege is it that the Word of God is not altogether unto us a sealed book! So it is as to its internal mystery and glory, unto every unregenerate man in the world. Natural men read and read not; they read the words and understand not the sense; even men of letters, famous for human learning, are quite ignorant and unlearned if not taught of God; the veil is upon their hearts, the veil is upon the Scriptures; what our Lord says to them therein is in parables. Nothing can dissipate natural darkness but supernatural light; this is dispensed in a sovereign way to whom the Lord of light pleases; and thus, to the weakest babes the mysteries of the Kingdom are revealed, while they are hidden from the wise and prudent.

Oh, why was not I left among the ignorant and unlearned who perish for lack of knowledge! It was nothing but sovereign grace that made the difference between us and others; and since grace has taken us into its own hand to teach us, it will do it freely, efficaciously, and perfectly.