Anne Dutton's Letters on Spiritual Subjects

Dear Sir,
I am sometimes apt to be grieved at how things happen; but when I think that God fulfills His sure purposes for His glory and His people's good, by things which to us seem contingencies, and that He who shuts up our way in one place opens it in another—my spirit is at rest.

You will like these cross-providences well, when you see them overruled by infinite wisdom and grace to meet in their designed center—the glory of God, and your greatest advantage. We must believe now; we shall see before long. Meanwhile, O for a meek and humble, a patient, Christ-like spirit!

Trials do us no harm, nor will they much afflict us, if we are enabled to behave well under them. But if we foolishly look off from the 'supreme hand of God' therein, unto 'creatures', and our spirits fret and chafe at instruments—that wounds us instantly, and weakens our hands exceedingly. In patience let us possess our souls, and we shall see that our all-wise and all-gracious Lord has done, does, and will do, all things well. Most surely every man disquiets himself in vain—God's counsel shall stand, and He will do all His pleasure. Would we have things go otherwise than well—any better than best of all? And thus all things always go well for us in Christ—for us who are the delight, the care, and charge of Prince Emanuel—upon those mighty shoulders the whole weight of government is devolved by His and our Father!