Anne Dutton's Letters on Spiritual Subjects

Dear Sir,
Surely our good God does all well, and governs the world and all things in it aright, and for the special advantage of His own people. You know how long my trial lasted. But sweetly the Lord enabled me to bow to His dear will, to hope in His mercy, to patiently to wait for His delivering kindness, and to think the many months of my trial, but a few days, for the love I had to His glory. Nature thought the time long, but grace said it was short. I was ashamed to think the trial long, as I had brought so little glory to God under it, and nothing I desire so much as to glorify God while it lasted, for I was persuaded that His affections would soon yearn upon me and turn my night into day. The Lord enabled me, in His strength, to trust in the infinite grace of His heart and His faithfulness, when a frown was on His face, and His customary loving-kindness was veiled with the darkness of providence.

And for yourself, continue to trust in the Lord while He seems to slay you, and covet to give Him glory in dark dispensations, as you will not have an opportunity to do when He brings you forth to the light. We have but a little time allotted us to glorify God in the dark; our night of weeping will soon be turned into a joyous morning, since the anger of our heavenly Father, in the frowns of providence, endures for a moment, but in His favor is life!