Are you a Christian?

James Smith, 1856

This is a very important inquiry, because many profess to be so who are not in reality. And yet no one can be saved unless he is a Christian. For if anyone is in Christ, or is a Christian he is a new creature. He is born again by the Spirit of God. Christ is formed in his heart, the hope of glory. His body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

He is convinced of sin and mourns over it;
he hates sin and departs from it;
he reads the Word of God and loves it;
he hears the gospel of Christ and believes it.

He becomes a disciple of Christ, . . .
  learning His doctrines,
  trusting His promises,
  and doing His will.

He receives the Spirit of Christ, which is a spirit of meekness, love, and holiness.

He places his entire dependence upon the blood and righteousness of Christ for acceptance with God, and pleads the name of Christ alone for the blessings which he seeks from the Father. He has no confidence in his own doings, nor does he expect his tears, repentance, or holy life, to make his peace with God but relies on the one sacrifice of Jesus, by which atonement is made for the sins of every believer.

He views Jesus as the One Mediator between God and man, and seeks acceptance for his person, prayers, and services only through Him. He . . .
  loves the person of Christ,
  imitates the example of Christ, and
  observes the ordinances of Christ.

He would rather suffer for Christ than sin against Christ!

He commits his soul into the hands of Jesus . . .
  to be pardoned through His blood,
  to be justified by His righteousness,
  to be sanctified by His Spirit,
  to be preserved by His power,
  to be used for His glory, and
  to be presented faultless by Him to the Father at last.

He looks for the second coming of Christ with joy, because then he will be like Him, for he will see Him as He is!

Such is a Christian, according to the New Testament.

Reader, are you one?

Can you live without prayer?
Can you be happy without Christ?
Can you neglect or despise the Word of God?
If so then you are not a Christian!

Every Christian finds . . .
  prayer to be the breath of his soul,
  Christ to be the food of his soul,
  the Bible to be the comfort of his soul, and
  the Lord's people the beloved companions of his soul.

Examine yourself, for thousands bear the Christian name who know nothing of Christian experience. Multitudes live and die under a delusion and will say to Jesus at last, "Lord, Lord, we were Christians!" Then He will say unto them, "I never knew you! Depart from Me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels!" This will be dreadful most dreadful!