What Can I Do?

James Smith, 1856

This question is sometimes asked by members of our churches, and should be answered; because every Christian may do something for the cause of God.

You can look round upon your relatives, friends, and neighbors, and see who does not attend a place of worship; or who does not attend where the good news of salvation by Jesus Christ alone is preached plainly and affectionately. You can then fix upon some one, or two, or three of them, and go upon your knees and pray for them by name; beseeching God to make you instrumental in their salvation. You can look out for a suitable opportunity to speak to them of the love of Jesus, telling them what you know and have enjoyed of that love; and try to lead them to think of . . .
the evil of sin,
the value of the soul,
the need of a Savior, and
the only way of salvation by his precious blood.

You can take an opportunity of asking them very kindly to accompany you to hear the Gospel, and if they excuse themselves, or refuse you--then be more earnest in prayer for them, and ask them again and again. When you get them under the Word, pray especially for them while the minister is preaching, and beseech the Holy Spirit to change their hearts. Speak to them of the subject afterwards, and aim directly at the salvation of the soul. Perhaps it may be better to take one at a time; but always have your eye upon someone, for whom to "travail in birth until Christ be formed in the heart." Never allow any stranger to sit near you in the house of prayer, without speaking a kind word, and inviting him to come again.

You can help to . . .
fill the house of God with hearers,
pray for the conversion of souls,
point sinners to the Savior, and
aim to be instrumental in their salvation.

Remember, God's work is not wrought by human might or power--but by the Spirit of the Lord Almighty, who generally employs very feeble instruments. The Lord employs all who are willing to work, and he honors all who work for him. Preach to all by your conduct, and to as many as you can by your tongue. Depend on the Holy Spirit alone for success; but plead with God as if all depended upon prayer, and plead with men as if all depended on your beseeching them to be reconciled to God. The hand that uses you is omnipotent, and the heart that guides that hand is love; thus connected, who should ask, "What can I do?"