Happy Service

James Smith

When the Queen of Sheba came to visit King Solomon, she was so struck with the grandeur and magnificence of his palace, the order and supplies of his household, the wisdom he communicated, and the gracefulness of his utterances that she considered it both happiness and honor to be allowed to serve in his court, she therefore exclaimed, "Happy are these your servants!" 2 Chronicles 9:7

But I have been thinking, if the servants of Solomon were happy then how much more happy must the servants of Jesus be. Yes, they are happy, and that on many accounts we will confine our attention to two.

First, because they are connected with the King. They are of the court, and of the court of the King of kings, and Lord of lord's. Solomon is in every sense outdone by him.

Solomon was wise but in Jesus dwells all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Solomon's wisdom was a drop of wisdom his an ocean of wisdom. Solomon's a tiny spark of wisdom, his a glowing sun of wisdom.

Solomon was wealthy but Jesus has unsearchable riches. All created wealth is his, and all the uncreated riches of Deity are his too.

Solomon was honored but Jesus has a name above every name; a throne, above every throne; and a kingdom, above every kingdom.

In wisdom, wealth, and honor He is unequaled, and his servants share in all. Happy are his servants.

Second, because employed by such a sovereign. In his service, they are sure of the best provision, and plenty of it. They obtain good wages, and they are promptly paid. They receive many and great gifts, they enjoy various pleasures, and they have the promise of eternal life.

Being fed with the choicest food, even bread from Heaven; possessing peace of conscience; receiving innumerable tokens of divine love; enjoying high and hallowed communion with God, and his Son Jesus Christ our Lord; and looking forward to eternal life, which includes glory, honor, and immortality they are truly happy. Yes, with much more propriety may we say of the servants of Jesus, than the Queen of Sheba said of Solomon, "Happy are these your servants!" May their happiness be mine!

Does Jesus want any servants now? He does. Will you, my reader, engage to be one? Or, if you are one of the happy servants of Christ, will you endeavor to engage more?

What kind of people will he engage? Any and all who are willing to serve him.

How does he engage them? When anyone really wishes to be a servant of Christ, he comes to him, in prayer he bows before him, he makes the proposal to him, and agrees to accept of his terms. Or, he yields his heart to Jesus, and engages to serve him, and so the bargain is struck.

How will he treat his servants? Ask any of them, and all will unite to testify that he treats them as his children with the utmost kindness, gentleness, and love. His treatment of them is most honorable far above their highest expectations.

What servants does he like best? He likes to engage his servants while they are young, therefore he says, "I love those who love me, and those who seek me early shall find me." But whether young or old, if they wish to serve him he engages them. And then loves to see them earnest and energetic; meek and humble; whole hearted and decided in his cause.

What will be the portion of his servants, when their work on earth is done? Hear his own words. "If any man serves me, let him follow me; and where I am, there shall also my servant be; if any man serves me him will my father honor." Wherever Jesus is his servants will be. Whatever Jesus has his servants will share with him. Whatever Jesus is his servants will be like him. Well, then, may we say, "Happy are these your servants!" Happy in their state, happy in their connection, happy in their employment, and happy in their eternal prospects!

Reader, are you a servant of Christ? Have you engaged yourself to him? If not then will you? Jesus is ready to engage you, he has a situation that will just suit you, all he will say to you will be, "Go and serve me, and whatever is right that shall you receive."