Safety at Night!

James Smith, 1859

"I will lie down and sleep in peace for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety." Psalm 4:8

Safety is of the Lord. It is not where we lie down, or how our habitation is secured, which makes us safe but the presence and protection of our God! Every believer, therefore, by a solemn act of faith, in the exercise of prayer, should daily commit himself, and all he has to the care and protection of Almighty God, as his covenant God, and Father. And having done this, peacefully and confidingly lay down on his pillow.

Faith should banish anxiety from the mind; the peace-speaking blood of Jesus, should calm and quiet the conscience; and the persuasion of a personal interest in Jesus, should produce sweet and hallowed composure of spirit. David, though pursued by Saul, though obliged to sleep in the open field, or in the cave of the rock would yet lie down in peace, persuaded of safety and he was safe!

Heavenly Father, give us the enjoyment of your peace, and favor us with a sense of your presence, and protecting care; so that, though thieves may prowl around our dwelling, and dangers of various kinds lurk near our abode we may lie down in peace evening by evening, assured that you will keep us safe. And as the child feels safe in its parent's arms, and sleeps sweetly on its mother's breast so may we sleep sweetly, and rest securely under your protecting care. Help us to lay down on our pillow tonight, so fully persuaded of your love to us, and so confident in your care of us that not one anxious thought, or troublesome cogitation may exercise our minds. Evermore save us from man, from destructive elements, from all evil, and especially from ourselves. O Lord, we commit ourselves entirely to you, we leave ourselves in your hands, and believing that we are yours look for protection, consolation and repose, alone from you!